December 24, 2016 at 2:34 AM

i have not felt this low in a long time it doesn't feel like my thoughts are my own anymore. i keep getting told sleep austin SLEEP but when do i have the fucking time, you know? how i finish anything hwen im fucking sleep as much as everyone tells me to sleep. fuck off. i don't need to leepe what i need to do is finsih everything i start. it's like they want me to screw up.



Oct 28th, 2019 at 10:39 PM

Hey, Austin. It's Cliff. Your friend that you rent my studio from! Or I thought we were friends, asshole. So I'm bringing that girl home that I told you about and she sees the dead fucking kitten you left on my table. I try to tell her that it's just you fucking with me and that this is what you do for work, she either doesn't believe me or thinks I know a kitten killer. Doesn't care about it dying from natural causes. She's fucking out, man. So. Yeah. Just wanted to let you know that I fucking hate you, Austin. Okay! Bye!
Call Back
Are you coming over or what, Austin
no probably not
i don't feel up to it. it's kind of hard to be in the same room as you
For some strange reason your step dad wants to see you. That's fine though I will tell him that YOU don't want to see him because YOU don't feel up to it. Again. You'd rather stay mad at mommy.
ok mommy sounds like a plan
i'll call him later
You are disgusting
So selfish, honestly. It's not all about you. I don't know where you get off thinking you can talk to me like this but I'm still your mother and it's not acceptable.
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austinsanimals i'm calling this dude trevor @fuckboytrev#taxidermy #taxidermyraccoon #hesgonnabeflattered #peachscone #trashfriends
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xtrashpandasx i'm in love with him
jimthetroll this doesn't look vegan bro
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austinsanimals for fuck's sake i love it
riggedmorty @rattiebrat LOOK

if you love me, come clean
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